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Case Study: BT

BT - Media Intelligence Partners media training

Photo: Luis García

MIP’s subsidiary company, Pitch Perfect, worked with BT executives on their media and presentation techniques.

We tailored our coaching services to the unique demands of BT, the multinational telecommunications services company.  We filmed training in presentation skills, speech-making and media interviews and we rehearsed and role-played scenarios for management training, problem-solving and public appearances.

George Nazi, president of global network and computing infrastructure, spoke about the training in a feature article in the Sunday Times. The article highlighted his technical background, which meant that he had plenty of experience of presenting at conferences and was confident in interviews with technology journalists but was much less comfortable when reporters’ questions moved into more controversial areas or issues that related to the business more broadly.

“I had not mastered the art of dealing with hostile journalists,” he said. “I was used to interviews with people who were seeking knowledge rather than trying to trick me or catch me out by asking about other things in the business like pay cuts, or saying “The chief executive has done this or that, what do you think about it?‟.

The training gave the executives at BT, like George Nazi, much more confidence in their ability to communicate.