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Case Study: Naked Bacon


Naked Bacon is the biggest revolution to the British breakfast for a generation.

Made without cancer-causing chemicals called nitrites, Naked Bacon has the potential to radically change the British processed meat industry for ever – and save thousands of lives.

Media Intelligence Partners (MIP) was appointed by Finnebrogue in July 2017 to launch the product.

Finnebrogue, the UK’s top artisan food manufacturer and the country’s leading producer of top tier sausages, were preparing to bring a range of nitrite-free bacon, hams and sausages to market in January 2018. Naked Bacon was the flagship product, bacon being an unrivalled British food institution.

The challenge for MIP was to project this revolutionary product in such a way that it would grab major media attention and reach millions of consumers online.

Naked Bacon collageMIP embarked on a six-month preparatory period to raise awareness of nitrites, secure independent scientific validation for the product and for the concept, galvanise heavyweight political support and develop key messages and the communications strategy that would propel this new product launch onto the front pages and into the public consciousness.

This work culminated in The Sun – Britain’s best selling newspaper – running a front-page story headlined “That’s saved our bacon”. Every major UK newspaper and broadcaster – notably including BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today Programme and ITV’s Good Morning Britain, covered the story.

The media launch provided the launchpad from which Finnebrogue took Naked Bacon to market on January 10th 2018 with many of the major UK supermarkets – and was supported by a dynamic digital communications strategy.

MIP devised and delivered a high-intensity digital campaign, using video, audio and graphic content to promote Naked Bacon. A targeted advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram reached hundreds of thousands of Britain’s bacon lovers within days of the launch.

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