Russia’s lies should be reported by the media

Published by Matthew Eason on

The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is an event that could well define the next century. The West’s reaction to another example of territorial ambition from Putin will set the tone for how other belligerent nations, such as China, view the West in their calculations of what actions they can get away with before meaningful action.

There is another angle that we need to consider as well. This crisis is a major challenge for the media, both traditional and non-traditional. For a long time now, Russia has been a major disseminator of untruths, misinformation and propaganda aided and abetted by its state-controlled companies, social media farms as well as paid and unpaid useful idiots in the West.

The challenge is presenting the facts of what is going on clearly as well as reporting on Russian “claims” without giving undue succour and airtime to what amounts to blatant lies – such as Putin stating that an unprovoked invasion of a nation with a democratically elected Jewish President is part of a “denazification” process.

By and large, the major media outlets in this country have risen to the challenge. There have been some calls to ignore all statements or commentators that display any slight support, sympathy or repetition of Russia’s lies but this is short-sighted. Presenting the facts clearly and demonstrating the clear falsehoods of Putin’s messaging is the duty of the media. It is a duty that has been fulfilled admirably thus far.

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